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    Launching of our new project "Ews-Artisanat" (update of the 29th of April 2017)

    The new project Main-Ews for Ews-Artisanat has been delayed due among other things to moving our office to another location. Please accept our apologies.

    My wife, Amima continues with Amima’s Shop supported by our son and his friend while I move to a new office location. The new place “Mandala Resort” has all we need to work in the best conditions; quietness and space, a good internet connection in a dream natural environment with all amenities at hand.

    Unfortunately, our physical market retail activity in France gets postponed, while the Main-Ews project will soon be launched. Late, but we will let you know regularly of the progress we make. Here is the idea of our project:

    Main-Ews is the supporting platform and will consist of:

    Support and marketing/advertising for our physical shop Amima’s Shop
    Support and marketing/advertising for our friends and partners
    A web-page based on Open-source and,
    A sale and wholesale website based on renewable energies like Solar systems and panels
    A sale and wholesale website offering tech and hi-tech innovations
    A web-page sharing our best experiences in Thailand and SE Asia where we’ve spent the last 14 years or so.., and,
    A music based webpage….

    The Ews-Artisanat Main-Ews Team

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    Amima's Shop Retail and International Wholesale

    Wholesale Sales Manager 

    Apr 2004 – Present

    Amima's Shop is a fashion/casual clothes boutique in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 11 years experience in retailing and selling wholesale fashion and casual clothes locally and internationally. Our ranges of products vary from children clothes to adult fashion and casual clothing. With very low prices, our products mostly manufactured in China and Thailand are following the day to day fashion trends.

    Amima's Shop


    Apr 2004 – Present

    Retail and wholesale of Fashion and casual clothing, unisex and all ages..


    Thai and Asian Handcraft 

    Jan 2016 – Present

    Ews-Artisanat is about sourcing Trendy and fashionable Handcraft from Thailand and SE Asia.

    Ews-Artisanat handcraft new collections of

    • Orchids jewelry made of unique real Orchids,  necklaces, earrings or brooches can also be a decorative item in your home's interior. All pieces are unique.
    • The mosaic collections are beautifully designed, whether you choose a lamp bust or a set of plates, a hang on wall or a table item.
    • Our line of water hyacinth bags are very fashionable, light and innovative.
    •  Thai Tribal and Lisu handcraft,
    • Pashmina scarves, and many other items.

    Amima's Shop

    Business Development Manager 

    Apr 2004 – Present

    Fashion/casual clothes Shop in the city of Chiang Dao in Northern Thailand

    Amima's Shop

    Co Owner 

    Apr 2004 – Present

    EWS TECH HK Wholesale Mobile Computing-Trade East West Sales Limited


    Oct 2011 – Present

    From data management to negotiations with suppliers and customers, choosing products, business meetings in Hong Kong, exhibitions, planning, designing, hiring punctually, social marketing, SEO.

    Responsibilities were to make everything happen so we were ready for selling. Testing multiple software to enhance our pre, during after selling experience.

    • Setting up the business .
    • Organization
    • Suppliers meetings
    • Customers reaching
    • Factory visits
    • Taxonomy (website design)
    • Data entry
    • Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Budgetting and accountancy
    • Software testing
    • IT installation, configuration and maintenance
    • Networking installation, configuration and maintenance
    • Databases installation, configuration and maintenance




    E. G.






    All comments are welcome..

    Amima's Shop, 428 Moo 7, Tambon Chiang Dao, Amphoe Chiang Dao, Chiang Wat Chiang Mai, Thailand
    +66 0932 794 787